Company Information

Outline of Company

Company Name : TOKYO GETS Co., Ltd.
Chief Executive Officer : Kohey Hara
Date of Establishment : March 23, 1998
Paid-in Capital : 60,039,673 yen
Registered Head Office : 2F Yoyogi Kimura Bldg.,3-1-3,Yoyogi,Shibuya,
  Tokyo, 151-0053,Japan
T E L : +81(0)3-6383-4222
F A X : +81(0)3-6383-4633
Branch offices : PT.TG Rights Studio Jakarta(Indonesia)
  TG BANGKOK Co., Ltd.(Thailand)
  T.G.L.A Co., Ltd.(U.S.A)
  東京進星有限公司(Hong Kong)
Number of Employees : 50(as of February, 2016)
Affiliated company : SANSENDO

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Give & Take
"GIVE & TAKE"...something more than just giving, something more than just receiving.

When you discuss tie-in promotions, the"GIVE & TAKE" theory is mandatory. It is important to consider how "giving" and "receiving" proposals should be harmonized. Our role is to evaluate what is profitable for both giving and receiving sides and what added value can be mutually shared. We generate a great deal of collaboration based on this philosophy,"GIVE & TAKE".